Hi, I'm Candice. 

I am an art director/designer with over ten years experience in the creative world, branching into marketing, strategic planning, and project management for both print and digital media. I'm passionate about beautiful design and typography. I'm inspired by the belief that you can accomplish great things collaborating with others, and that there is nothing better than building a diverse creative team. Experiencing that ah-ha moment from concept all the way to the success in execution is one of the best feelings in my opinion, and even better when shared.

I have a hands on collaborative approach when working on projects, involving nitty-gritty design, direction, and styling. I'm never afraid to bring design back to the basics. Whether I'm designing an editorial spread or a digital catalog, I approach all challenges with quick wit and marketing expertise. I'm always looking for ways to streamline the design process without sacrificing integrity. I wake up early and go to bed late to make sure every project gets done
right and gets done on time.  

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Working on something great? 

I especially love working with non-profit organizations and brands that give back. It's never enough for me to send in a donation, I want to be part of the initiative, strategy, and messaging. Marketing is everything in our culture and when you beautifully market a cause, or non-profit, great things can happen. 




Art Direction

Editorial Design


Set Styling


Creative Marketing

Brand Building

Photography Assistance

Web & Email Design

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Art & Hand Illustration