Hey there.

I have one of those classic graphic designer tales. You know the one I’m talking about. Artist becomes web designer turns graphic designer, turns artist again. A time ago it was challenging to intergrate these these in a way that was respectively equal. Now we can design print and digital experiences that wage real impact.  

My experience in marketing really helped me kick my process up a notch and helped me to develop a better understanding of the end user.  The function of design is so much more aesthetics. Responsible design engages, informs, and creates an environment where your user can respond and interact intuitively with ease. It’s something we can all connect with and remember.

What I like to do. 

I spend most of my free time at either a lake or at the beach. I recently relocated from sometimes rainy Florida to always sunny California.  I love to travel, hike mountains, and scuba dive. And now that I live so close to the beach, I like to bike about the coast. Thanks to Ken Burns, I also made the effort for the past decade to camp at a National Park every year.  I enjoy volunteering for organizations like Surfrider, Speak up Wekiva, and Sierra Club. Above all, I like to spend time with my closest people and my catahoula-leopard dog.