The best and worst part of a designer's job is how quickly, down to the wire, a feature or direction can change. The reason why I say best and worst, or you might say fortunate and unfortunate, is that when so much labor and love is poured into something, it can hurt when it gets scrapped. The very cool thing that can happen though, is most of the time something even cooler comes out of that pressure of being against the wall and trying to make everyone's ideas come to life. Not all work is lost either, for whatever reasons due to direction, it's put aside for a later date. 

In this case, our cover issue was about Rwanda, which featured some incredible photography by Scott Cook. About two weeks into our deadline some hard decisions were made, and the cover story was changed to a story about flora (the "Rooted" issue featured above). 

While the cover concepts had to be tabled, I still got to hand letter the feature.